Christmas Special

Christmas Special

Learn how to pay off your Ho! Ho! Home Loan sooner than you expect!

We are offering a Christmas Special of 12 months of FREE finance monitoring to those eligible. Click on the link and find out how it works.

Offer available until the 31st of January 2016!*

Lets get Financially Independent Together

Equanimity Concepts are like finance personal trainers. We exercise together with our clients to help them reach their financial goals with the combination of the main following services

Home Loan Elimination


Financial Guidance & Monitoring


Property Investment


Lending Refinance


Watch the video below of our exclusive presentation to see how YOU can pay off your home loan faster and get out of debt way sooner than you expect!

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Let's get F.I.T!

*12 free months of monitoring services is subject to eligibility. Offer available until the 31st of Jantuary 2016. To find out if you are eligible to join our programmes please contact us by completing the contact form above.

The information in this presentation is general in nature and has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. This presentation was recorded live at the Building, Renovate and Property Expo in Melbourne, November 2014. (Additional sentence will be entered here). Therefore, in deciding whether to join our programme, you should consider whether the programme is appropriate to your objectives, financial situation and needs and where appropriate, seek professional advice from a financial advisor.

This presentation is based on the following: A combined income of $115,000p.a. $210,000 equity in a property. Personal spending of $1,000 a week not including home loan repayments. 2 adults & 2 dependent children. Purchase price of the investment property of $300,000 for 18/590 Pine Ridge Rd Coombabah QLD 4216. Rental amount of $370 a week. 2 week vacancy rate p.a. Borrowing $321,969 for investment property which is made up of purchase price $300,000, stamp duty $8,925, $2,500 legal fees, $425 for depreciation schedule, $150 banks line fee, $550 banks legal fee, $264 valuation fee, $700 registration fees, $150 search fees, $500 pest & building report, $1,000 miscellaneous fees (if not incurred, refunded), $6,445 finance brokerage fee and $360 deposit bond. Other Assumptions: Capital growth rate of 7% p.a., Inflation rate of 2.7% p.a., personal spending increase rate 2.7% p.a., rental increase rate 5.19% p.a., loan costs term of 5 years. Interest rate on 25 year home loan and bank funding line of credit accounts, investment term loan 4.73% p.a. fixed for 3 years with option to refix rate or go to current variable rate at the time. Refinancing $300,000 for the home loan. Current loan payments before starting program $394 a week on a 25 year principal & interest loan at 4.73% variable. The bank funding account with a $20,000 initial limit with funds not drawn at settlement. Clients adhere to the $1,000 a week personal spending. Results may vary depending on clients personal spending. After the 5 years and 10 months, the home loan will be at $0. The bank funding account in this scenario would be $247,740 in addition to the $321,969 investment loan. At that point in time, the cost to keep the investment loan and the bank funding account on interest only terms would be $171 a week. If you chose to re-direct your wages, rent & negative gearing at that time toward the bank funding account, that account would be paid to zero in a further 3 years and 7 months. Results may vary depending on interest rates. Ongoing costs that are paid from the bank funding account are loan interest, $15,068 p.a., rates $2,500 p.a., Landlord Insurance $238 p.a., estimated repairs $1,000 p.a., Agents fees, $2,025 p.a., Garden maintenance $462 p.a., body corporate fees $4,232 p.a., finance monitoring fees $600 p.a.
Allowances: Building depreciation $1,875 fixed, chattels depreciation $900 p.a. diminishing, loan costs $2,024 over 5 years. $4,819 p.a. negative gearing. All funds secured by reputable lenders and each person must meet the Lenders criteria.